Jason Edward Lewis
with Bruno Nadeau


42" plasma touchscreen
50" x 144"vinyl self-adhesive prints
Mr. Softie
Left Text
An Abrupt Hardening of Awareness
Middle Text
Buzz Aldrin Doesn't Know Any Better
Right Text
Show You A Map of the Sun

Things You've Said Before But We Never Heard

Triptych with touchscreen text and text-images

Three texts work together to form an interlocking conversation about the sense-making of crazy talk and kid talk, the difficulty of bringing dreams into reality, and the meanings of different colors. The contrast in the reading and writing experience between the print, the touch and the interaction is a phenomenon that is central to an ongoing research/creation effort exploring materiality of text as it migrates into the digital domain.

Video and image documentation from Congress 2010 exhibition, Fine Arts Gallery, Concordia University, May - June 2010.